Learning together for a better tomorrow.


Millington Primary School prides itself on maintaining a friendly, family atmosphere. A family where self-discipline is promoted, high expectations set and where a Christian ethos prevails.

Enrolment Number: 665
Admissions: 100

School Management Type: Controlled

Admissions Criteria

The admissions criteria sheet can be found by following the link below. The admissions criteria outlined on the information sheet will be applied in the event of the school being oversubscribed. The school Waiting List policy is also outlined on the sheet.

Millington Primary School 2021-2022 Admission Criteria

Admissions to Primary One

The application form is now completed online through the Education Authority website. The link to this can be found below.


Further information regarding admissions can be found on the EA website. You can acess this information by following the link below.


Admission to Primary 2 – Primary 7

Requests of places in P2-P7 classes will be considered provided that the total enrolment number has not been reached and that additional enrolments will not significantly increase individual class numbers.

Complaints re. Curriculum

Complaints about the curriculum policy of the school or the exercise of any power relating to the curriculum can be made in writing to the Principal or the Board of Governors. Our Complaints Policy can be be found on this website under our policies.