Learning together for a better tomorrow.
  1. MP1OB

  • Teacher: Mrs Ogilby-Black

  • Classroom Assistants: Mrs Evans, Mrs Roleston and Mrs Murdock

Term 1
September- Look how beautiful we are in our new uniform with our lovely new Millington school bag.
September - First day painting
September- pencil grip activities
September- colour recognition
September- finger gym developing fine motor skills using play dough.
September-Numeracy having sorted the smarties we made top hats. Great fun and best of all eating!
September-World Around Us topic - Myself.
September -Literacy letter s formation on the interactive board.
September- Numeracy matching pairs.
September Literacy - learning about Mum and Dad Oxford reading tree characters.
September Numeracy - learning about zero.
September Literacy- S is for strawberry. We traced a strawberry 🍓 and best of all we got to eat strawberries 🍓 🍓🍓
September Numeracy - practical pattern making
September Literacy- letter t is for 🧸
September Numeracy- sorting for size
September Literacy - T is for Tiger and a Tiger 🐯 who came for tea ☕️
October literacy - letter i
October Numeracy workstations related to number three
October- Numeracy triangles made out of lollipop sticks.
October Numeracy - 2d shapes using ICT and making a shape house
October WAU - Baby Annie comes to visit
October Numeracy learning about the odd one out.
October Literacy - rhyming words using ICT
October Literacy - rhyming words, using ICT and matching pictures that rhyme.
October - Cross curricular Numeracy and Music. Using instruments to match the number
October - Outdoor Play Based Learning
October Numeracy - understanding the concept of heavy and light using balancing scales
October Numeracy Week in the classroom and outdoors
November Play Based Learning - Goldilocks and the Three Bears 🧸🧸🧸
November Numeracy Workstations based on our topic Goldilocks and the Three Bears
November Literacy initial sound word building using ICT
November Literacy building words using phonic skills and individual letters.
November Numeracy number 5
November Literacy word building our weekly words
December Art - teaching how to draw a Christmas 🎄
Term 2
January Numeracy sorting using a Carroll
January Numeracy- understanding the concept of the terms more and less.
January Numeracy- number 6
January Guided Reading
January- Numeracy using numicon to find ways to make six and ordering the pieces.
January P.E. using the apparatus to develop our gymnastics skills. Well done everyone you all were amazing!
January literacy- learning about the letter Ll. We know the sound, how to write and objects beginning with l.
January Numeracy - Pattern making on the IWB and practically using cubes. Children all encouraged to explain their pattern to their peers.
January Numeracy- sorting using a Carroll diagram on the IWB and practically using sorting items.
January Numeracy- ways to make number 7.
January Numeracy - Comparing Sets More and Less
January Literacy Letter l, sound, formation and things beginning with l.
January Numeracy Patterns on whiteboard and using cubes to make ABAB, ABCABC and AABAAB patterns
January P.E. Using the large apparatus
January Literacy- developing correct letter formation for letter u
January Literacy - a small guided reading activity
January Numeracy - Number 7 introductory activities on The Interactive whiteboard
January- WAU animals which hibernate and animals that don’t.
January Literacy - we love to read