Learning together for a better tomorrow.




Supporting all of our parents

We provide a supportive and caring environment where every child is given an opportunity to succeed and develop. We understand that every child is precious – an individual blessed with their own unique set of gifts and talents.

At Millington we work hard to support each child as they discover where their strengths lie. We strive to live up to our school motto ’Learning together for a better tomorrow’ and we look forward to sharing, with you, in your child’s learning journey.

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our new school website. Throughout our school we have committed and enthusiastic staff and governors who work in partnership with very supportive parents, all of whom put the best interest of our children first. This is why we enjoy the positive, warm, friendly ethos we have in Millington.

Key Events



10th September - Foundation Stage Coffee morning

20th September - Swimming begins for P6&7


7th October - Book Fair arrives in school

11th October - Parent Interviews/Book Fair
12th October - Parent Interviews/Book Fair
13th October - Parent Interviews/Book Fair
14th October - Parent Interviews/Book Fair
15th October - Parent Interviews/Book Fair

18th October - Numeracy Week
19th October - Numeracy Week
20th October - Numeracy Week
21st October - Numeracy Week
22nd October - Numeracy Week


15th November - Journey to Santa begins

23rd November - Prospective Pupils Open Evening 4:30 - 6:30pm

24th November - P6 Bike Skills Day with Sustrans NI

25th November - P5 Orienteering Day with Sustrans NI

25th November - P7 Science morning run by STEM Hub NI

25th November - Cross Country Event


2nd December - Christmas Craft Fair 6:30 pm - 9:00pm

11th December - Journey to Santa ends with Ditch the Dark Day 2021

13th December - P4, P6 and P7 attend the P1 Wriggly Nativity dress rehearsal at St. Mark's Church

14th December - P2, P3 and P5 attend the P1 Wriggly Nativity dress rehearsal at St. Mark's Church

15th December - P1 Nativity in St Mark’s Portadown@10am

16th December - Christmas Dinner and Christmas Jumper Day


21st January - Multicultural Day


7th February- Parent Interviews
8th February- Parent Interviews
9th February- Parent Interviews
10th February- Parent Interviews
11th February- Parent Interviews

8th February - Safer Internet Day 2022


3rd March - World Book Day


7th April - Break the Rules Day


18th & 19th May - Jubilee Concert

22nd May - P7 Holland Trip
23rd May - P7 Holland Trip
24th May - P7 Holland Trip
25th May - P7 Holland Trip
26th May - P7 Holland Trip


1st June - Jubilee Party

7th June - Millington Bake Off

22nd June - P7 Leavers at 4pm

Term Dates




25th October - Half Term
26th October - Half Term
27th October - Half Term
28th October - Half Term
29th October - Half Term



22nd December - school closes for Christmas
P1-3 go home at 11.30am
P4-7 go home at 11:45am

23rd December - Christmas Holidays
24th December - Christmas Holidays
25th December - Christmas Holidays
26th December - Christmas Holidays
27th December - Christmas Holidays
28th December - Christmas Holidays
29th December - Christmas Holidays
30th December - Christmas Holidays
31st December - Christmas Holidays


1st January - Christmas Holidays
2nd January - Christmas Holidays
3rd January - Christmas Holidays
4th January - Christmas Holidays
5th January - Christmas Holidays


14th February - Half Term
15th February - Half Term
16th February - Half Term
17th February - Half Term
18th February - Half Term


17th March - St Patrick's Day
18th March - School Closed


8th April - Half day closure
P1-3 (and older siblings) home at 11:30am
P4-7 home at 11:45am

11th April - Easter Holidays
12th April - Easter Holidays
13th April - Easter Holidays
14th April - Easter Holidays
15th April - Easter Holidays
16th April - Easter Holidays
17th April - Easter Holidays
18th April - Easter Holidays
19th April - Easter Holidays
20th April - Easter Holidays
21st April - Easter Holidays
22nd April - Easter Holidays


2nd May - Bank Holiday
5th May - Election Day


2nd June - Queen's Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday
3rd June - Queen's Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday
4th June - Queen's Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday
5th June - Queen's Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday
6th June - Queen's Jubilee Extended Bank Holiday