Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs Brownlee

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Harrison

Term 1
September- Numeracy- Practising Number Formation 1-10
September- Numeracy- Making Sets 1-20
September- Numeracy- More than and less than 10
September- Numeracy- Practical Addition
September- WAU- Label the Parts of a Car
September- Numeracy- Making Teen Numbers with Numicon
September- Numeracy- Numicon Addition
September- Literacy- Word Building
September- Numeracy- Ordering 1-10 with Numicon
September- Numeracy- Number Bonds of 5
September- Numeracy- Sorting Coins
September- Literacy- Word Building
September- Numeracy- Length
September- Numeracy- Number Bonds of 10
September- Literacy- Sentence Building
September- Literacy- Rhyming Words
September- Learning Through Play- Journeys and Transport
October- Numeracy- Making Sets
October- Learning Through Play- Journeys and Transport
October- Literacy- Handwriting Practise
October- Literacy- Word Building
October- Numeracy Week- Mathletics Day!
October- Numeracy Week- Outdoor Learning Patterns
October- Numeracy Week- Fun Numeracy Board Games
October- Numeracy Week- Number Bonds of 9 Craft Activity
October- Numeracy Week- Pattern day!
October- Literacy- Shared Instructional Writing- How to Make Chocolate Apples
November- Numeracy- Counting and making amounts of money within 20p
November- P.E. & Well-being- Outdoor Learning Day
November- Literacy- Instructional Language ‘How to Make Toast!’
November- Numeracy- Active Learning Stations- Postal Workers
November- Numeracy- Subtraction Using a Numberline
November- Literacy- A Letter from Baby Bear!
November- Numeracy- Sorting with a Venn Diagram
November- Numeracy- Digital and Analogue O’clock Times
November- Literacy- The Jolly Postman Character Descriptions
November- Numeracy- Finding the Difference between Two Numbers- Tower Game
November- Numeracy- Active Learning Stations- Weight
December- Play- Decorating the Christmas Tree
December- Numeracy- Number Families
December- Numeracy- Measuring Surface Area with Cubes
December- Literacy- Making and Writing Christmas Cards
December- Numeracy- Number Bonds of 10 Crackers- We helped Santa!
December- Play Based Learning- Christmas
December- Science- Problem Solving- Float or Sink?
Term 2
January- World Around Us- Winter Walk in the Snow!
January- Numeracy- Number Bonds of 10 using a Ten Frame
January- Art- Amazing Castle Drawings!
January- Numeracy- Time- Half Past
January- Art- Shape Castles
January- Numeracy- Solving Subtraction Problems
February- Numeracy- Ordering 1-20
February- Literacy- Rapunzel
February- ICT- Safer Internet Day- Playing Game, How do you feel when?
February- Literacy- Instructional Writing- How to Make Jam Sandwiches
February- Numeracy- Odd and Even Numbers
February- Children’s Mental Health Week- The Hungry Caterpillar- Growing Together
February- Art- Happy Valentines Day!
February- Literacy- We learned how to make vegetable soup and write instructions.
February- WAU- Planting Cress Seeds
March- Numeracy- Measuring and ordering length.
March- WAU- We are learning all about pigs this week. We enjoyed learning facts, the parts of a pig and what they produce- sausages!
March- Scientific Enquiry- Comparative and Fair Testing- Helping the 3 Little Pigs test out the best material to build a house.
March- Numeracy- Doubles
March- WAU- Farm- Sheep- We got to see real sheep wool!
March- WAU/Cookery- A lovely Friday treat to end learning about sheep- Delicious Sheep Buns!
March- Numeracy- Practical stations to explore Symmetry
March- Numeracy- Dice Subtraction Game
March- Numeracy- Exploring 2D Shape and their properties
March- Numeracy- Making Amounts
March- Literacy- ‘e’ Sound- Practical Stations
March- WAU- The Farm- Tasting Dairy Products- Thank you Dale a Farm for sending us the delicious products!
April- Numeracy- Odd and Even- Active Learning Stations
WAU- The Farm- We made Ice Cream- It was delicious!
April- WAU- The Farm- A Special Visitor- Billy the Lamb!
Term 3
April- Numeracy- Commutative Addition Number Card Game
April- Literacy- Phonics ‘sh’ Sound
May- Art- Making Queen’s Guards Decorations for the Assembly Hall in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee
May- Numeracy- Counting Change from 10p
May- PDMU/ Well-being- Shared Education- My Special Talent is...
May- WAU- Scientific Enquiry- Research- Completing our KWL Board by researching facts about ‘Under the Sea.’
May- Art- Making Decorations for our Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

Primary 2B

Important information


  • PE is on a Tuesday and Thursday.
  • Please ensure your child’s plimsoles and P.E. bag are both clearly labelled, this will remain in school.
  • Children must wear full school uniform to school on P.E. days and will change independently.


  • Please ensure your child’s folder is brought to school every day.
  • Please keep your child’s high frequency word book, reading record book and reading books inside their folder.


  • Please check Seesaw regularly, as this is where specific class information will be shared.