Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs Ogilby-Black

  • Classroom Assistants: Mrs Evans and Mrs Crooks

Term 1
October. We made and decorated chocolate apples🍏 🍎 - best of all was eating the left over chocolate... yummy!
October. Numeracy week- wear a Pattern to school day.
October. Numeracy week - Mathletics with the focus on patterns
October. Numeracy week - maths outdoors making patterns
October. Numeracy week - Maths games
October. We made a witch 🧙‍♀️ hat to eat. This activity was related to our Modelled reading story - Room on the Broom.
October. Room on the Broom story
October. Ordering the days of the week.
Play review
Modelled reading - Poor Bobby had a bump.
Making numbers up to 20 using numicon.
Making CVC words using the interactive whiteboard.
P.E. - spatial awareness and making our bodies move in different ways.
Mrs Ogilby-Black brings her mountain and road bike to compare features which we are learning about as part of our transport theme.
Measuring using cubes transport shapes and also measuring the length of Mrs Ogilby-Black using cubes.
Creative art - making a hot air balloon related to our transport theme.
Teaching addition - Part, Part, Whole with Numicon as a visual resource to develop understanding.
Sequencing pictures for- I’m going on a bear hunt story on the interactive whiteboard.
Addition using numicon.
Learning about numbers more than ten and what a teen number is.
October. Labelling the main features of a car - related to our theme transport.
October. Transport theme- thank you Jeff for bringing in your Lotus to help us identify the main features.
September. Finding the initial sound letter to match the picture
September. Using numicon to order numbers
September. Understanding numbers less than 10 and more than 10 on the interactive whiteboard.
October. IIndependent snack time during Play Based Learning.
September. Building numbers using cubes to match the given number.
September. Circle time - getting to know each other.
September - Numeracy - formation on whiteboards.
Term 2
January - Numeracy- Tens and Ones work
February - P.E - Practicing our balancing skills
February - Literacy - Making Vegetable Soup
March -Numeracy - Measuring Length
March - Literacy - Labelling farm animals
March - Numeracy - Capacity
March - Numeracy - Labelling 3D shapes
March - Numeracy - Sorting real life 3D shapes ⚽️
March - Numeracy - Sorting using a Carroll Diagram 🐣
Term 3
Literacy- Labelling the features of a shark
Cross curricular - drawing and labelling a shark outside
Play based Learning
creative activity drawing and painting crabs
Numeracy clock times
Play based Learning- making play dough
Revision of letter formation, capital and lowercase letters
P.E. Trim trail
June Scientific Research - related to KWL under the sea topic.

Primary 2OB

Important information


  • PE is on a Tuesday and a Thursday
  • Children will come to school wearing their full school uniform and will change independently in school.

Healthy Break

  • In Millington we promote a healthy break policy. Children should bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time such as fruit or yogurt.
  • There is a NO NUT rule in school. Some children have severe nut allergies and therefore no nuts are permitted for break and lunch.