Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs White

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Elliott

Term 1
September - Art/Wellbeing - Fruit Characters
September - World Around Us - Senses walk around our school environment
September - P.E. - IFA Coach Andy
September - Activity Based Learning - Task Boxes
September - Numeracy - Favourite Fruit Graph
September - Numeracy - Ordering numbers
September - ICT - Developing mouse skills in the Computer Suite
October - Finding numbers on the 100 square
October - P.E. - Football Skills
October - Literacy - Enjoying books at the Book Fair
October - Numeracy - Dice Totals Investigation
October - P.E.- The Trim Trail
October - Art/W.A.U.- Autumn Trees
November - Literacy - Following instructions to make buns
Term 2
January - ICT Program a Beebot to travel to different houses.
January - Numeracy - Practical Tens and Units
January- Literacy - Oral storytelling using puppets. The Princess and the Frog.
January - Numeracy - Measure with feet and spans
January - Literacy- Drama and writing from Mrs Mopple
February- Literacy - Handa’s Surprise drama and story path
February- Numeracy - Estimate and measure using cm.
February - Numeracy - Using mirrors to find symmetry of objects and patterns
February - Literacy - Learning the purpose of and how to use dictionaries.
February - Numeracy/Literacy- Weighing ingredients and following instructions to make pancakes.
February - W.A.U. Scientific Enquiry, Problem Solving. - Testing for waterproof material. Weather topic.
March - Literacy - Enjoying books on World Book Day
March - WAU - Science experiment to make a tornado in a jar.
March - Science - Weather - Raincloud experiment.
March - Numeracy- Finding half of shapes, regular and irregular shapes, estimate and halve a handful of counters, find half of pots of objects and find which shapes have been shaded exactly in half.
March - Mental Health Week - Look how we have changed.
March - P.E. - Apparatus
March - WAU/ PDMU - Empathy for the children of Ukraine.
March - Science - Parachute Men
March - Numeracy - Tens and Units with exchanging
March - P.E. - Outdoor Play
March - Numeracy - Mathletics World Maths Day
March - Art - Mothers’ Day
March - W.A.U./ Numeracy - Sorting our teddies by age, size and colour
Term 3
April - ICT task - ebook on the iPad
April - Scientific Enquiry- Materials - Investigate a variety of materials for suitability as a teddy and order from worst to best.
May - Art - The Queen’s Corgis
May - Numeracy - Weighing with cubes and pegs
May - WAU/Numeracy - Tasting breads from around the world and recording the data
June - WAU - Making Soda Farls
June - WAU/Science - Experiment adding an acid to baking soda to see what makes the soda farls puff up.
June - WAU Science - Experiment to see how yeast makes bread dough rise.

Primary 3W

Important information


  • PE is on a Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Remember to come to school in your red PE T-shirt with shorts on underneath your skirt/trousers.

Healthy Break

  • In Millington we promote a healthy break policy. Children should bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time such as fruit or yogurt.
  • There is a NO NUT rule in school. Some children have severe nut allergies and therefore no nuts are permitted for break and lunch.