Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Miss Loudan

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Crooks

Term 1
September - Using Numicon
September - Outdoor Fun At P.E. Time
September - Storytime
September - Listening to A Published Story Written By Our Y7 Pupils
October - Art From Literacy
October - Maths Week - Pumpkin Drive
October - Math Week - Ordering According to Height
October - Maths Week - Counting in Tens
October - Numeracy - Making A Graph
November - History- Remembrance Day
November - PDMU- Delivering Compliment Cards on Kindness Week
November - PDMU - Kindness is Our Superpower Badges
November - PDMU - Kindness at Home Treats and Certificates
November - Numeracy- Investigating the Properties of 3D Shapes
November - Literacy- Learning About Nouns
December - Literacy - Learning about Bossy Verbs
December- Art - Making Crafts for the Christmas Craft Fair
December - Numeracy - Venn Diagram Topic Work
December - ICT - Using Beebots To Make A Program
December - WAU - Investigating Natural and Man-Made Light
December - WAU - Scientific Enquiry : Looking at Electrical Circuits ( Houses and Homes Topic )
December - WAU - Scientific Enquiry- Building The Three Little Pigs’ Homes And Investigating Which The Big Bad Wolf Can’t Blow Down !
January - Making Puppets To Tell A Story
January - Shared Education - Birds of Prey Visit Year 3
January - Numeracy : Measuring Using The Metre Stick
January - Shared Education:Art and Craft
January - Literacy : Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line
February - Shared Education- Literacy and PDMU Using The Film “ Inside Out”
February- PDMU - ‘Let’s Connect’
February- Scientific Enquiry: Making A Rain Cloud
February - Literacy - Battle of The Books: The Ugly 5 v The Rescue Party
February-Literacy- Book Battle Round 2: ‘How To Hide A Lion’ Wins!
March - World Book Day: Listening to David Williams and George Ezra World Book Day Song and reading our favourite books , all dressed up of course!
March -Literacy: Handa’s Surprise Story Map and Character Profile
March - Music: Boomwackers - Shake it Off and Hakuna Matata
March - Shared Education: Literacy- Author Declan Carville Shares His Story “ Nellie Fandango.”
March - Numeracy- Learning About Fractions
April - Numeracy: Adding money and giving change
April- Art/ History: Preparing For The King’s Coronation
May - World Around Us: Learning About The History of Teddy Bears And Introducing Our Teddies To Millington!
May- P.E. FunIn The Sun!
May - Literacy: Writing Brilliant Tongue-Twisters
Term 3
June - P.E. Sports’ Day
June- Literacy: The Life Cycle of A Butterfly
June - Literacy : Irregular Plurals
June: ICT - Creating A PowerPoint About Teddy Bears
June-Art: Making Symmetrical Butterflies
June- Literacy: Local Librarian Introduces TheSummer Reading Challenge At The Local Library

Primary 3L

Important Information

School Times

Doors open at 8:30 a.m. and lessons begin at 8:40 a.m.

School finishes for Year 3 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 2:45 p.m.

School finishes for Year 3 on Thursday and Friday at 1:45 p.m. 

Please arrive at least five minutes earlier at hometime, to allow for each child to be collected safely. ⏰

P.E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday ⚽️🏑



School dinners, trip money and special event donations will be paid via ParentPay. Please check that you are able to use this method of payment and if you need any help, please let us know. We are only too happy to help. Dinners should be booked in advance.🥪

Year 3 Mini-Owls however will be paid differently. A form will be distributed so that you can select which days (Thursday/Friday) you require your child to attend. This must be brought to the teacher each MONDAY morning with the exact MONEY, if possible. Places will be allocated on a first come basis. We are UNABLE to accept money and bookings on the actual day, as staff cover is allocated by the number of pupils attending.

What Your Child Needs

  • Each child should bring a pencil case with a selection of writing pencils as well as  colouring pencils, crayons or felt-tip pens, a rubber, sharpener, glue stick and a water bottle.✏️
  • Please label all resources with a permanent marker. This includes: a coat, lunchbox, cardigan or jumper and red P.E. t-shirt. This is especially important this year, as we hopefully go back to using the canteen, Assembly hall and classrooms for packed lunches, where many of these items will also be used.
  • It would also be greatly appreciated if each child could please bring a pack of A4 photocopying paper.
  • A healthy snack is required for morning break. One or two items are sufficient as it is only a short break. Fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, cheese and crackers or a small sandwich can be eaten. NO crisps, sweets, fizzy drinks etc. are permitted at breaktime. Please fill water bottles with water. If necessary, a separate small juice carton can be added to lunchboxes for dinnertime.🍎



  • Full school uniform is to be worn with black shoes or black trainers.
  • P.E. kit is a red polo shirt, black shorts and trainers. P. E. days are Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • NO jewellery should be worn except for small, stud earrings, if necessary and earrings that cannot be removed should be taped over with surgical tape. This can be purchased at a local pharmacy. Please discuss this with your child and practise with them what has to be done.
  • All clothing should be clearly labelled with your child’s name and class and displayed on a label.