Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs White

  • Classroom Assistant: Miss McConaghy

  • Student Classroom Assistant: Mrs L.
Term 1
September- Numeracy- Ordering Numbers
September- Numeracy- Exploring Properties of 2D Shapes
September- Numeracy- 2D Shape Robots
September - Literacy- Our messages for the Queen’s Book of Condolences to be sent to the palace.
September- P.E. - The Trimtrail
September- World Around Us - Senses walk around school
September- Numeracy - Data Handling Our Favourite Fruit
October- Activity Based Learning- Independent Group Tasks
October- Literacy - Enjoying books at the Book Fair
October- Literacy - A flow chart for a snake shedding its skin.
October - Numeracy Week - Pumpkin Drive
October- Numeracy Week P.E.
October- Numeracy Week - Mathletics
October- Numeracy/Craft - Odd Todd and Even Steven
October- Numeracy - Data Handling. A living graph.
October - Numeracy - Dice Investigation
November- Music - Rhythm on percussion instruments
November- PDMU - Kindness is my Superpower
December- Scientific Inquiry - Sort natural and man made light sources.
December - ICT task - Program a Beebot to travel to a type of house
December- Art - Christmas angels
Term 2
January- Numeracy- Sorting dominoes
January- Numeracy- Addition of tens and units using Base 10
January- Literacy- Oral storytelling using puppets
February- Literacy- Drama Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line
January- P.E. - Apparatus
February- Well-being - Mental Health Week, We are all connected.
March- Scientific Inquiry- Raincloud Experiment
March- Numeracy- Half of a shape
March- Activity Based Learning - Weather topic
March - Scientific Inquiry- Test materials for waterproofing
Term 3
April - Numeracy- Find half of a number of objects
April - Numeracy - Weighing with cubes
May- Numeracy- Sorting our teddy bears for size, age and colour
May- Literacy/WAU- We read our descriptions of our teddies to them and listened to teddy stories
May - Science - Best material for a teddy bear
June - World Around Us/Numeracy- Bread Tasting
June - Science - What makes bread rise?

Primary 3W

Important Information
Welcome to Y3W

Doors open at 8.30 and lessons begin at 8.40

Mon,Tues, Wed hometime is 2.45

Thurs and Fri 1.45

P.E. Kit is kept in school in a named bag. P.E. Days are Tues and Wed.

Dinners must be booked on Parent Pay in advance.

Mini Owls money and booking forms are given to the teacher on a Monday morning.