Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Miss Sleator

  • Classroom Assistant: Miss Mc Veigh

Academic Year 2022-2023
October- PDMU- Eswatini Tinned Food Project
October-Physical Education-Rubgy (ball control and dodging)
October-Numeracy week-Autumn scarecrow glyph
October-Numeracy week-Escape room challenge- Lost in the forest
October- Numeracy week- Numeracy art
October- Numeracy week- Smarties investigation
October- Numeracy week- Circle art ⭕️
November - Art - Poppy Art
December - World Around Us - Learning First Aid - Problem Solving
December - Shared Education - Pantomine
March - Art - Canopic jars
May - Numeracy - Superhero Area and Perimeter
May - Art and WAU - Pop Art inspired art
May - Literacy - A Superhero character sketch
Miss Sleator’s Y5S Superheroes in training 🦸‍♀️
June - Maths- Design a zoo using perimeter and area investigation

Primary 5S

Important Information

HealthyKidz /P.E.

  • HealthyKidz is on a Monday.
  • P.E is on a Friday.
  • Remember to bring your P.E. kit on P.E. days

Healthy Break

  • In Millington we promote a healthy break policy. Children should bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time such as fruit or yogurt.
  • There is a NO NUT rule in school. Some children have severe nut allergies and therefore no nuts are permitted for break and lunch.