Learning together for a better tomorrow.
  • HP5T
  • Teacher: Miss Trainor

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Smith

Term 1
September-Literacy-Role Play Finn McCool
October-Literacy- Street Child Role Play
October-Numeracy-Dice Tally Work
October-Numeracy-Bar Graph Investigation
November-WAU/Art-Remembrance Poppy Art
November-Numeracy-x4 investigations
November-Numeracy-Sorting multiples
December-World Around Us-change over time-Comparing Portadown past and present
December-Numeracy-Measurement Investigation-Santa’s Sleigh Weigh in
December -World Around Us-Learning First Aid-Problem Solving
Term 2
January-WAU-Mummification experiment
January-Numeracy-Fraction investigations with a fraction wall
January-PDMU-Healthy lifestyle with the Dairy Council
February-Numeracy-pizza making with fractions of number
February-Numeracy-Matching Equivalent Fractions
March and Feb-WAU and Art-Display
March-WAU-mummification results
March-WAU-Nile Boat Experiment-STEM activity
Term 3

Primary 5T

Important Information