Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mr. Johnston

  • Classroom Assistant: Miss. Rainey

Term 1
September - Numeracy - Rounding Games
September - Literacy - Character Studies
September - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver Certificates
September - PE - Circuits and Trim Trail
September - Numeracy - Investigating using Weights and Scales
September - Literacy - Looking for the features of Non-chronological reports
October - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver Certificates
October - Numeracy - Exploring 2D shape
October - World Around Us - Researching Viking jobs and roles
October - Literacy - Planning and designing posters about Viking jobs and roles
October - ICT - Building Viking longhouses using Minecraft
October - Numeracy Week - Plotting the shape of me using co-ordinates
October - Numeracy Week - Estimating and measuring the size of a Viking longship
October - Numeracy Week - Pattern weaving like the Vikings
October - Numeracy Week - Board Games and Viking maths team challenge
November - Numeracy - Barvember
November - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver Certificates
November - Literacy - Exploring the features of great instructions
November - Literacy - Writing instructions to make the perfect ham sandwich
December - Literacy - The features of a superhero
December - Art - Viking Longship sunset scenes
December - Science Enquiry - Comparative and fair testing - Which material would be the best heat insulator for Viking clothing?
December - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver Certificates
December - Numeracy - Carroll Diagrams
December - Numeracy - Venn Diagrams
Term 2
January - Literacy - Working out the meanings of words in War Horse
January - Art - Using natural materials to decorate a WW1 soldier
January - Literacy - Exploring camera shots and angles
January - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver & Gold certificates
January - Numeracy - Perimeter and Area Bingo
February - Literacy - Script Writing
February - PE - Gymnastics
February - Numeracy - Mathletics Silver & Gold certificates
February - ICT - Green Screen
February - Literacy - WW1 Green Screen Movie
February - Art - World a book Day door design
March - PDMU - What is good in our lives
March - WAU - WW1 trench illnesses
March - Numeracy - Equivalence Connect 4

Primary 6J

Important information


  • Swimming is on a Monday.  Bus leaves school at 11.00am and returns at 12:30pm.
  • PE is on a Thursday.
  • Remember to come to school in your red PE T-shirt with shorts on underneath your skirt/trousers.

Outdoor Fridays

On Friday afternoons our class will spend time outside in the school garden. We will be completing various tasks and learning many lessons outdoors.

  • Please bring in a set of old clothes and shoes to get changed into on Friday afternoons.
  • We will be going out rain or shine, bringing a coat is advised.

Healthy Break

  • In Millington we promote a healthy break policy. Children should bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time such as fruit or yogurt.
  • There is a NO NUT rule in school. Some children have severe nut allergies and therefore no nuts are permitted for break and lunch.