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Big Walk and Wheel Challenge 2022

Millington Primary pupils are participating in the country’s biggest inter-school walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling competition.

The Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel takes place 21 March-1 April and aims to highlight the benefits an active school run can have on children and young people’s physical and mental health as well as the environment.

Formerly known as the Sustrans Big Pedal, it has been running since 2010 and sees schools compete on each day of the challenge to make the most journeys by walking, wheeling, scooting and cycling.

Not only does the event help reduce pollution around the school gates but in 2019 it helped parents to save an estimated  £1.6million in petrol costs during the fortnight.

The Sustrans Big Walk and Wheel is open to all primary and secondary schools in the UK, including SEN/ASN/ALN schools, with prizes to be won every day.

Free resources are available to encourage pupils to see their local area from a new perspective, learn about the benefits of active travel and discover amazing journeys to school from around the world.

School gate pollution

More than 2million active journeys to 2,253 participating schools took place during the 2021 contest, saving thousands in CO2 and NOx emissions.

In a YouGov survey in 2021 half (49%) of UK school pupils said they were worried about air pollution near their school, while 57% of pupils described the environment around their school as having too many cars.

Teachers also find that pupils who walk, wheel, scoot or cycle arrive at school more relaxed, alert and ready to start the day than those who travel by car. Active travel can also help reduce anxiety, depression, and the risk factors of developing cardiovascular disease, some cancers, and Type II diabetes.

While government guidelines say children and young people aged 5 to 18 need at least an hour of daily physical activity, the pandemic saw an increase in child obesity.

Each day, teacher will record the number of pupils walking, cycling or scooting to school and our school results will be logged online on the ‘Big Walk and Wheel Challenge’ website.  Click on the link below to check it out.


A number of prizes are up for grabs by taking part!

  1. A £100 Halford’s Voucher will be won by a school who achieves 25% overall participation.
  2. A £50 Halford’s Voucher will be won by a school who achieves 20% overall participation.
  3. A £30 Halford’s Voucher will be won by a school who achieves 15% overall participation.
  4. There are 5 Sustrans goodie bags up for grabs by pupils for creative writing (How does it feel to walk, cycle or scoot to school – poem or story).
  5. A £20 Bob n Berts Voucher – tell me a bout a family who have put in a big effort during the challenge.
  6. A £20 Ground coffee voucher – will be won by a teacher who can show me that they fully engaged in the challenge.

So let’s work together, in the beautiful sunshine, to reduce pollution levels and increase our fitness levels!!