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Memorable Swazi Hope and Glory Choir visit (part 1) – morning assemblies

It was such a special pleasure to have the Hope & Glory Choir, all the way from Eswatini/Swaziland, come to visit with us at Millington in October.  Precious memories have been etched on our children’s minds thanks to this special group of people and we count it a great honour to have had them here. We were also pleased to welcome members of ‘Hearts For Eswatini’ who joined us for both the assemblies and evening concert.

Firstly they amazed us with their beautiful singing and traditional dancing during two assemblies in the morning. Our pupils loved getting involved in the traditional dances and the group interacted with them superbly. We particularly enjoyed the ‘Wellie Boot ‘ dance! What rhythm and coordination! We surprised them with a song we learnt in their language of Siswati (some children love to sing this even still!) Y7H were privileged to get a special visit from them in their classroom as they won the prize for collecting the most tins in the ‘Tinned Food/Money’ Tin project.

Please take time to look through the photos and videos below.

For a write up, photos and videos from the evening concert please click on the Part 2 tab in latest news.