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Year 4 Become Evacuees on ‘Evacuee Day’

Year 4 entered into the spirit of what it was like to be an evacuee during World War 2. From waving goodbye to our parents in the morning to then embark on a train journey that would take us to the countryside to be ‘chosen’ we were truly able to empathise with those who were evacuated during those difficult times.  We decided what we would take in our suitcases, talked about our feelings and emotions at various points during the experience, listened to the sounds of steam trains, listened to an evacuee’s real story, ate spam sandwiches, studied the number of evacuees from various schools in Belfast, were ‘chosen,’ received a chocolate bar which we had to ration for one week and then were eventually reunited with our parents! Please see some pictures below of our memorable day! To see more of our wonderful day please visit our Year 4 pages.