Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teachers: Mrs Ogilby-Black

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Evans

Term 1
September - Look at us
September - We are using dough to make are fingers stronger
September - We are learning how to butter pour and wash our dishes during our snack
September - Creative Activity painting a face on a paper plate
September - Play Based Learning
September - Tearing strips of paper to develop our fine motor skills
September Literacy - We are learning how to hold a pencil and how to take it for a walk
September story - Pooh masks as we want to be like Pooh Bear in school.
September - Numeracy - developing our sorting skills exploring our sorting boxes
September - Numeracy - Making pairs
September - Literacy- we have been learning about the Oxford Reading Tree Characters - Mum and Dad
September - Literacy - We are learning about the letter s
September We Are learning to tear paper as this helps us develop our fine motor skills
September Numeracy - Look how we can write number 2 using a whiteboarda
September - Outdoor Learning splashing in the puddles wearing our welly boots and water proof trousers. Such great fun!
October Literacy - We are learning to recognise our new words on the interactive board
October - Literacy the Tiger Who Came To Tea Party. We had tea, toast and a twirl which all beginning with the letter t.
October Numeracy - using shaving foam to write numbers. This was fun and the foam smelt good too!
October Literacy - e are using our individual letters to make words developing our phonic skills
October Numeracy - Work stations related to number three. Lots of activities and everyone got the opportunity to explore all over two days. Well done, very enjoyable and great to see you all working together!
October WAU - we are learning about babies as part og our topic. Thank you Mrs Brownlee and baby George and Mrs Morrison and baby Rupert for visiting us in School
October Literacy - We are letter about the letter i
October Literacy - Look at how Well we Can White the letter p om the interactive whiteboard
October Numeracy - we are learning abort 2d Shapes and made houses Winther a garage using gummed paper
October Numeracy - Number 4
October Literacy - We had a special Friday trekant for our letter of the week P. A popcorn party…
October Numeracy Week - practical making a set with the Odd one Out
October Art - We painted fantastic autumn trees, showing the beautiful colours of Autumn
October - Numeracy week, using ICT as part of our activities
October - Cross Curricular Skills making pumpkis
October - Pumpkin soul tasting and the verdict was taste!
October - Numeracy week making a pattern outdoors
October - Cross Curricular WAU and Creative activities - look at amazing Autumn pictures using leaves
November Numeracy - We are learning the concept of heavy and light objects after our practical activity of sorting objects for weight
November Literacy - We are using our letters to make words using our phonic skills
November Numeracy understanding the concept of light objects egen comparing Teo objects in the interactive board
November Numeracy - Sorting for size
November Literacy - Which letter is it?
November Literacy/ WAU - Goldilocks and the Therese Bears. We went to Cranrua to make porridge and best Odd was eating it as it was just right!
November Literacy - New letter r, practising correct formation om the interactive board.
November Numeracy - Sorting for colour and type or size
November P.E. Spacing and making shapes with our bodies
November Numeracy - We are learning about Monet and counting using the 1p coin
November Literacy - Guided Reading
December Numeracy - We had fun using Eli- Flips to find the correct number
December Christmas Jumper Day - floor play
December Literacy - Letter g
Term 2
January Numeracy - we used number fans to find numbers before, after and between.
January Literacy - Guided Reading
January Numeracy- Sorting using a Carroll Diagram and being able to justify and explain their sets
January WAU -We are learning about clothes to wear in winter and also developing our scissors skills
January Numeracy - We are comparing sets by rolling the dice and counting out cubes. We understand which is more and which set is less.
January Literacy -letter of the week letter l.
January Numeracy - We are making Patterns using cubes
January Literacy - We are learning the letter U
January Literacy - Word building using phonic skills
January Numeracy - We are learning about number seven.
January WAU /Literacy - we made jelly for our new letter j. Best of our was eating it yum yum!
January Numeracy- sorting using a Carroll Diagram we did this both on the IWB and also practically
January P.E. We are loving the apparatus, it is so good to develop our gross motor skills
February Literacy - we are practiising our W letter formation on the interactive whiteboard.
February Numeracy - look how brilliant we are ordering numbers using Topmarks.