Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs MacDonald

  • Classroom Assistant:Mrs Gyle

Term 1
September - Numeracy - Counting money
September - Numeracy - making 5.
September - Literacy -vwriting names
September- World around us - First day at school
September-PE-lifeguards healthy hearts fitness programme
Sept-numeracy-measuring using cubes
October -world around us-Bike talk by Mrs Ogilby Black
October-learning through play-making rockets
October-Numeracy week- number games
October-numeracy data handling
October- Art/craft making leaf man pictures
October- numeracy ordering numbers.
December - WAU science- planting seeds and watching them grow .
Term 2
January-Learning through play castle topic
January-numeracy-making patterns.
January- literacy activities.
January-numeracy-tens and units
January-numeracy- adding 3 numbers.
Feb- literacy/art making Rapunzel’s tower.
Feb-history - farms long ago live zoom from Ulster Museum
Feb-literacy - learning how to write instructions to make soup.
Term 3

Primary 2 Mrs Macdonald

classroom assistants -Mrs Gyle and Miss Linton

Important Information