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  • Teacher: Miss Loudan

  • Classroom Assistant:

Term 1
September - Numeracy - Place Value
September -P.E. Fun Outside In The Sun!
September -Art-Making Healthy Fruit Characters
September- Literacy - Reading For Writing
September-ICT- Logging in and Playing Dragondrop🌟
September- World Around Us- School Walk Observation
September- R.E. - The Story of Moses
September - Numeracy- Vertical addition using cubes
September- P.E. Dance (The Smartest Giant In Town)
September- World Around Us- Comparing school today with school long ago
September- Numeracy-Making The Story of 11
October - Numeracy: Making Our Favourite Fruits Graph
October -Literacy: Writing About Our Town Walk
October - Numeracy- Using Coins To Make Amounts Of Money
October - Numeracy: Learning About Time
October- Art: Drawing Autumn Trees With Pastels!
October - Literacy: Autumn Poetry and Handwriting
October - Numeracy: Using Dice To Recall Addition Number Bonds To 12 Through An Investigation
October - Maths Week: Odd Todd And Even Steven Activities
October - P.E. Healthy Kidz
October - Numeracy: Graph Work
October - Maths Week: Making A Living Graph Of Letter In Our Names.
November - Art : Designing A Christmas Stamp
November- WAU- Scientific Enquiry: Making A Circuit As Part Of Our Houses And Homes Topic
December-Art: Designing a Christmas Jumper
Term 2
January- Literacy- Plural Nouns
January - P.E. Throwing and Catching
January - Literacy: Making Puppets and Retelling The Story.
Brilliant Puppet Shows By Amazing Girls!
January - Numeracy: Partitioning Numbers Within 100 Using WhiteRose Maths
January - Literacy: Writing- Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line.
January - Numeracy : Making Amounts of Money
January: Literacy- Learning About And Making Inferences
February: Numeracy: Using Coins To Make An Exact Amount And To Give Change Within 20p
February: Literacy- Learning About Vocabulary Victor And Thinking About Words
February - ICT/PDMU: Internet Safety Day - Valuable Learning
February -Numeracy/WAU/ICT: Exploring Weather and Drawing A Weather Graph On The Computer
February -Art: Kandinsky Inspired Valentine’s Day Hearts
February - WAU: Science- Learning About The Water Cycle
February - WAU: Scientific Enquiry- Which Materials Are Waterproof?
February-Literacy: Handa’s Surprise (A Story From Around The World)
February -WAU: Science - Making Waterproof Umbrellas For Paddington!
Feb -Literacy: Learning About Past Tense Verbs
February-WAU/ Art: Weather Topic- Making Kites
February- Numeracy: Measuring in cm
Term 3

Primary 3L

Important Information

P.E. Days: Tuesday and Friday .
Please label all clothing and practise buttoning and unbuttoning shirts.

No jewellery please on P.E. days.

Healthy break is needed everyday. No crisps, chocolate or sweets. We are a NUT free school also.