Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mrs White

  • Classroom Assistant: Miss Graham

Term 1
September - World Around Us - Exploring our school environment
September- Numeracy - Using dice to generate addition of 2 or 3 numbers
September- P.E. - Healthy Kidz
September- ICT- Practicing mouse skills in the computer suite
September- Music - Keeping the pulse with instruments
September- Data Handling - Class graph of our favourite fruit
September - Literacy/WAU - Group recount of our town walk
October- P.E. - Healthy Kidz
October- Literacy - Sharing books at the book fair
October- Numeracy - Finding numbers on the 100 square
November - Literacy - Flow Chart for how a snake sheds it’s skin.
November- Numeracy - Investigation for dice totals
November - Healthy Kidz - Gymnastics Balance
November- Numeracy- Counting edges and vertices on 3d shapes
November- Science - Sources of Light, Natural or Manmade
November- P.E. - Gymnastics
December - ICT - Program a Beebot to travel to a type of house
December- Art - We made pencil toppers for the craft fair
December - Art - Design a Christmas jumper
December- Drama/craft - Making frames for our photos from the nativity play
Term 2
January - Literacy - Mummy Owl reading Owl Babies to the class
January - P.E. - Throwing and Catching
January- W.A.U./Numeracy - Class graph for house types
January- P.E. - Apparatus
January - Numeracy - Practical addition of Tens and units
January - Literacy Oracy - Storytelling with puppets The Princess and the Frog
January - Literacy - Oracy Traffic Light Pebbles
January - Numeracy - Measure with feet and spans
January- Numeracy - Finding different ways to make amounts with coins
February- Numeracy/ICT- Mathletics in the Computer Suite
February- Well-being - My Voice Matters
February- Numeracy - Using mirrors to find lines of symmetry and symmetrical patterns
February- Art/Weather topic - Design a kite
February - Drama/Literacy - Mrs Mopple’s Washing Line
February - Numeracy - Measure in cm
March - Scientific Inquiry - Test materials to see if they are waterproof
March - Art/Literacy - Our Book Door for What the Macaw Saw
March - Art - Happy Mother’s Day
March - Numeracy - Finding a quarter of shapes
March - P.E. - Apparatus
March - ICT/World Around Us - Weather e-book on the iPad
March - Art - Designing socks for World Down Syndrome Day
March - Science - Raincloud experiment
March - Science - Tornado in a jar
Term 3
April - Literacy - Dictionary Skills
April - Oracy - Ask questions about Kiwi the parrot.
April - PE - Healthy Kidz
April - ICT - Weather Book on iPad
April - World Around Us - Old/New Bears. Sorting features.
April - Numeracy - Introduction to multiply by 5
May - WAU/Art - Teddy Bear Puppets
May - Numeracy - Adding tens and units with exchanging
May - Oracy - Show and Tell our teddies
May - Numeracy - Sorting our teddies by age, size and colour.
May - Music - Teddy Bears Picnic song
May - Science - Sorting materials for a teddy bear.
May - Literacy - Writing about our teddies.
May - Numeracy - Right-angle Policeman
June - Numeracy - Weighing with cubes and pegs
June - Numeracy - Sorting creatures into a Venn diagram and a pictgraph
June - World Around Us/Data Handling - Bread tasting
June - Numeracy - Finding the area using cubes

Primary 3W

Important Information

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8.40 to 2.45

Thursday and Friday 8.40 to 1.45

All dinners must be booked on Parent Pay before Monday morning.
Mini Owls if required is paid by cash on a Monday morning for Thursday and Friday. £3 per day.
P.E. is on Wednesday and Thursday. No jewellery please. If earrings cannot be removed at home they must be covered by tape or a plaster.
Homeworks are via Seesaw.