Learning together for a better tomorrow.


  • Teacher: Mr Johnston

  • Classroom Assistant: Mrs Smith

Term 1
September - Numeracy - Place Value Dice
September - Literacy - Character Observations
September - Numeracy - Nice or Nasty Game
September - PDMU - A Visit from Jeanie
September - Numeracy - Practical Addition
September - PE- Teamwork Games
September - WAU/Scientific Enquiry - Change over time - Why did the Vikings leave their homeland?
September - WAU/ICT - Viking Minecraft
October - Literacy - Dragon Non-Chronological Reports
October - Numeracy week - Viking Challenge Day 2
November - WAU/Scientific Enquiry - Problem Solving - Which material is best for Viking clothing?
November - Literacy - Creating instructions for making a ham sandwich
November - Literacy - Character Observations
November - WAU/ICT - Making Viking longhouses on Minecraft
November - WAU/Scientific Enquiry - Change over time - How did the Vikings dye their clothes?
November - WAU/ICT - Creating a website about the Vikings
Term 2
January - Numeracy - Compass Point Directions
January - Literacy - The features of a leaflet
January - Music - Recorders
January - PDMU - Smokebusters
February - Literacy - Writing a group play script
February - PE/PDMU - Healthy Kidz
February- Art - Monet Landscape Paintings
February - Art - Preparations for World Book Day
February - Literacy - Green Screen movie based on WWI
February - ICT - Using the Green Screen App
March - WAU/Scientific Enquiry - Identifying, Grouping and Classifying - Diagnosing trench illnesses and diseases

Primary 6J

Important Information


  • Swimming is on a Monday. Please bring all your swimming kit on Mondays.
  • P.E. is on a Friday.
  • On P.E. days you must bring your P.E. kit and trainers to school with you in a named bag.

Outdoor Club

  • More information to follow.

Healthy Break

  • In Millington we promote a healthy break policy. Children should bring in a healthy snack to eat at break time such as fruit or yogurt.
  • There is a NO NUT rule in school. Some children have severe nut allergies and therefore no nuts are permitted for break and lunch.