Learning together for a better tomorrow.

Our School



Millington Primary

We provide a supportive and caring environment where every child is given an opportunity to succeed and develop. We understand that every child is precious – an individual blessed with their own unique set of gifts and talents.


At Millington we work hard to support each child as they discover where their strengths lie. We strive to live up to our school motto ’Learning together for a better tomorrow’ and we look forward to sharing, with you, in your child’s learning  journey.


Board of Governors

Mr. Orr
Mr. Stewart
Vice Chairperson
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Whittle
Child Protection
Mrs. McDonald
Mrs. Mitchell
Mrs Douglas
Mr. Magee
Mr. Johnson
Teacher Representative



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Our Staff

  • Principal and Vice-Principal
  • Office Staff
  • Teaching Staff
  • Classroom Assistants
  • Canteen Staff
  • Ancillary Staff
  • Crossing Patrol
Mrs. Murray
Mrs. Taylor
Mrs. Hall
SENCo / P6 Teacher
Mrs. Beggs
P7 Teacher
Mrs. Hylands
P7 Teacher
Mr. McKane
P7 Teacher
Mrs. Dick
P6 Teacher
Mr. Johnston
P6 Teacher
Mrs. Neill
P6 Teacher
Mr. Guy
P5 Teacher
Miss. Sleator
P5 Teacher
Miss. Trainor
P5 Teacher
Mrs. Acheson
P4 Teacher
Mrs. Anderson
P4 Teacher
Mrs. Clarke
P4 Teacher
Miss. Creane
P4 Teacher
Mrs. Evans
P4 Teacher
Mrs. Henry
P3 Teacher
Miss. Loudan
P3 Teacher
Mrs. McDonald
P3 Teacher
Mrs. White
P3 Teacher
Mrs. Brownlee
P2 Teacher
Mrs. Gass
P2 Teacher
Mrs. Ogilby-Black
P2 Teacher
Mrs. Dowey
P1 Teacher
Mrs. Morrison
P1 Teacher
Miss. Smyth
P1 Teacher
Mrs. Willis
Learning Support
Mrs. Drought
Learning Support
Miss. Livingstone
Learning Support
Mrs. Douglas
Mrs. Cochrane
Mrs. Bailey
Mrs. Boyes
Accelerated Reading Co-ordinator
Mrs. Cairns
Mrs. Clark
Mrs. Elliott
Mrs. Evans
Mrs. Farquhar
Mrs. Friar
Mrs. Gibson
Mrs. Graham
Mrs. Gyle
Mrs. Harrison
Mrs. Jeffers
Mrs. Magee
Mrs. Murdoch
Mrs. McAlpine
Mrs. McConville
Mrs. McCullough
Miss. McVeigh
Miss. Norkute
Mrs. Owen
Mrs. Rodgers
Mrs. Shilliday
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Swiniarska
Mrs. Whiteman
Mrs. Boyle
Mrs. Buckley
Mrs. Devlin
Mrs. Hobson
Mrs. Lecky
Mrs. Ridge
Mr. Weir
Mrs. Bell
Mrs. Boyle
Mrs. Hewitt
Mrs. Steenson
Mrs. Devlin
Mrs. Irwin
Mrs. McAlister
Mr. Watters
Mrs. McAlister